You died and become a orb spirit in the spirit world. Angels will try to take you to heaven while demons want to take you to hell. You have the ability to absorb another spirits like you and use their energy to release an explosion to attack the enemies but you have to take care not to take in bad spirits.

You are seeking for a way to reincarnate.

Explore an infinite generated world, open portals and remember that you cannot really kill your enemies.
There are many possible endings and life you can reborn at. Also multiple possible ways you can stuck in heaven or hell for all eternity!


Contain visual flashing and color changes that can be discouraged  for certain people

The performance and experience is way much better if you download the native game.

If you get stuck on walls, this is because the world generation still sucks but you can restore to checkpoint from the pause menu (ESC and clicking on checkpoint).

The constant random changes on the scenery are intentional.

There are still some bugs that wont happen  if you play the game directly on godot editor but happen on those exported builds bellow, so check out the github project, PR's welcome, open to any suggestions.

You can also play it here:

Source code at Github:


Download 35 MB
Version 17 Nov 13, 2022
Download 36 MB
Version 17 Nov 13, 2022
Download 49 MB
Version 9 Nov 13, 2022
Download 68 MB
Version 9 Nov 13, 2022
Download 11 MB
Version 17 Nov 13, 2022

Install instructions

If you want to run this on a mac look:

For android, this is a debug release, so you might need developer mode enabled:

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